Private Lessons

Study One-on-One with a Professional Musician!

Private lessons are offered to all Beginner, Symphonic, and Honors Band Students.  Lessons are a vital element in a student’s musical life. The opportunity to study privately with a professional musician is one of the most important factors to an individual student’s success. These professionals provide detailed, specific, one-on-one instruction, tailored for your child. Private lessons challenge the advanced students and accelerate students who need extra attention. Of the students who make the Texas All State Band, roughly 97% take private lessons!  Making this ensemble will almost guarantee a scholarship to a major university.

Private Lessons are taught at Coyle Middle School, either before, during, or after school, depending on the teacher’s schedule. Lessons are generally 1/2 of a typical class period, once per week at a cost of $18 per lesson. The student pays a month in advance directly to the teacher.

If you are not currently taking lessons, please consider doing so!!! Remember, private lessons are offered as an enrichment activity and are not required.  Though optional, please consider private lessons as a necessary part of the band program.

SUMMER LESSONS are also highly encouraged!  Incoming BEGINNERS may also sign up for summer lessons to get a head start!  We will issue you a school-owned instrument (if applicable).  All you need to do is get your lesson setup with your child’s lesson teacher and have them communicate the schedule with the director.

If you are interested in private lesson, please contact a director. Below are some of our teachers and their emails address:

Ms. Sandy Keys

Mr. Jim Marshall

Mr. Matthew Banks

Dr. Kristen Goguen

Mr. Kevin McNerney

Mr. Dan Evans

French Horn
Mrs. Diane Herrmann

Mr. Keith Adkins

Mr. Thomas Fletcher

Mr. Max Tunnell

Mr. Jordan Ferguson