Instrument Supply Lists

Welcome to the Coyle Middle School Band program!

We’re excited to have you join our band family!  If you have not already tried an instrument with us, please plan to attend our LAST event this year on Saturday, August 3rd 2-4pm in the CMS Band Hall.  No need to sign up–join us anytime in that 2-hour time frame!  This allows us to not only meet you, but also help you choose the best instrument for you, AND get your schedule setup properly for the upcoming school year.  Keep in mind that our school-wide orientation called “Cougar Camp” is the SAME DAY from 12-2pm, so please come to the band hall immediately after the event!

If you already play a band instrument and you are joining us from another middle school: Please contact Mr. Lira or Mrs. McHenry to schedule an appointment for a band placement audition. This will involve playing some scales and any music you know that will give us an idea of your level of proficiency.  We believe that ALL children have a place in the band program; we just need to make sure you’re in the group that will work best for you!

If you are moving into the Rowlett community and would like to join the band: Please contact Mr. Lira or Mrs. McHenry to schedule a meeting for instrument selection. This will usually take about 15-20 minutes and is the first very important step toward becoming a successful musician. Please do not rent or purchase an instrument without first meeting with one of the Coyle Band Directors.

For students who will be in our Beginning Band this year, you may find the supply list for your instrument below:

Bassoon Supply List 2019

Clarinet Supply List 2019

Euphonium Supply List 2019

Flute Supply List 2019

French Horn Supply List 2019

Oboe Supply List 2019

Percussion Supply List 2019

Saxophone Supply List 2019

Trombone Supply List 2019

Trumpet Supply List 2019

Tuba Supply List 2019

We have some fantastic music companies in our area that can help you with the purchase and/or rental of the above listed supplies!  Please check out the companies that visit Coyle Middle School on a weekly basis:

Music Supply Companies

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